What’s  ESS(Energy Storage System)?

ESS stands for Energy Storage System, which functionally means that energy is saved in the battery during low power demands (night time( and it is discharged from the battery during peak times to improve utilization efficiency and to save on electric charges.

Energy storage systems are comprised of three main modules:

– Battery : The DC battery where energy is stored

– PCS : The AC power conversion where the energy is converted from AC to DC

– EMS : The control system that manages the operation of energy storage system

What’s  UPS(Uninterruptible Power Supply)?

Our UPS is excellent for large data centers and is a new Hybrid UPS that is able to provide optimal performance.

The device is fully digital controlled by applying Dual Digital Signal Processor(DSP), enabling performance and feature improvements without any additional hardware changes. Reduced harmonics (50%) and power conversion loss (30%) compared to the existing 2-level system.

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