What’s Reactors?

Reactors are mostly used to eliminate harmonic currents for power conversion devices such as converter and inverter. We design and manufacture filter reactors by analyzing amounts of harmonics. Primary market is renewable energy generation and especially Our reactors improve the quality of power generated by solar power plant. Sales is growing as its technology of lowering losses and eliminating harmonics are proved by major customers.

Basic Specifications

 Inductance ~100mH
Rated Current Max. 100,000A
Voltage ~33kV
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz
Switching Frequency 100kHz(PWM)
insulation Type H, N200, R200



 KS(Korea Standard)
 IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission)
 JEC(Japnese Electrical Committee)
 ANSI(American National Standard Institution)


01.  AC/DC Reactor(UPS/INVERTER)This AC/ DC reactor is used to reduce the current pulse in the AC/DC circuit so as to ensure the continuous electrical flow when the inductance has reached a certain amount. Besides, it is also adopted to improve the input current waveform distortion caused by the capacitor filtering, reduce and prevent the damage to the rectifier bridge and the overheating of capacitance caused by the impulse current. Moreover, it also possesses the function of increasing the power factor, reducing the AC impulse to the DC busbar and limiting the transient voltage of the power grid.

02.  Motor Starting ReactorA short circuit motor requires an important starting current. The starting current can be reduced for example by using a starting reactor or transformer. A reactor can be installed upstream from the motor, and after starting the motor, can be shorted out. When using starting transformers, a voltage lower than the rated voltage is used to start the motor. Further details available upon request.

03.  Series Reactor for CondenserSeries reactor is connected to condenser to prevent wave distortion. It also protects contacts of circuit breakers or switching devices by reducing input currents to condenser.

04.  Air-Core ReactorAs it has no core inside, no inductance saturation is generated in case of overloading and high frequency.Primarily used for current limiting purpose, and Sanil also offers shunt reactor, neutral earthing reactor, DC reactor and harmonics filter reactors.

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