What’s Hybrid Transformer ?


Hybrid transformer is a distribution transformer with harmonics reduction function. The product is supplied to the cast-resin transformers and oil-immersed transformers and can be custom-produced according to customer requirements up to maximum rated voltage 36kV and rated capacity 3MVA.

Hybrid transformer was first developed by Enertech company in the world and registered patents in Korea, the United States and China. It is also the only product that has been certified as a new excellent technology by the Korean government.


Installation Case in Korea


Overseas Distributors


Why Hybrid Transformer ?


Transformer Efficiency↑up & Power Loss↓down



What’s Cast-resin Transformer ?


Cast resin transformer is becoming more popular due to strict environment regulation and increased concerns on fire explosion.

We have developed and manufactured cast resin transformer for 15 years to cope with market demands. Cast resin transformers meet the highest environmental, climatic and fire behavior standards as certified by CESI for climatic class C2, environmental class E2, and fire behavior class F1. High level of quality was also verified through type tests performed by KEMA.

We manufacture cast resin transformers for a wide range of infrastructural and industrial applications such as buildings and residential developments, plants, to drive electric motors, underground stations, cranes at seaports, on board ships or off shore platforms.


Why High Efficiency Transformer ?


  • Power Saving & CO2 Reduction

  • High Efficiency & Low Loss

  • Cost Reduction up to Max 30%

  • Economic & Less Noisy

Note : 3P, 1500kVA, 22.9kV to 380/220V, 18hrs of 60% loads, 23.4% THD. Power Rate (0.1 USD/kW)



3Phase 22.9kV / 380-220

3Phase 6.6kV / 380-220V

3Phase 3.3kV / 380-220V

3Phase 22.9kV / HV





What’s Oil-immersed Transformer?


Transformers cooled and insulated by insulating oil are widely used in power generation, power grid infrastructures, and industrial applications. With more than 30 years’ experience in engineering and manufacturing, We have been recognized as quality supplier of oil immersed transformers and exports its products to more than 20 countries worldwide.

Our oil immersed transformers were type tested in KEMA and KERI. Short circuit test was performed successfully for 20MVA transformer.


01.  Power TransformerPower transformer is an electrical device to transfer electrical energy in transmission and substation systems with application areas of power grid infrastructures and diverse industrial plants. Power transformer ranges up to 70MVA with a maximum rated voltage of 72kV.

02. Distribution TransformerDistribution Transformers provide the necessary power for systems and buildings on the last transformation step from the power station to the consumer. Accordingly, their operation must be reliable, efficient and at the same time silent.

03.  Pol Mounted transformerPole-mounted transformers are installed on poles to supply electricity for residential and commercial areas. Sanil provides complete line of single phase pole-mounted transformers for overhead distribution system.

04.  PAD Mounted TransformerPad-mounted transformers are installed on the ground to supply electricity for residential, commercial and industrial loads through underground cables.

05.  Auto TransformerAuto transformer has a single winding which shares a part of winding common for both primary and secondary sides. Advantages are light weight, low copper losses, and economical design.




3Phase Power Transformers

3 Phase  22.9kV / 380-220V  Top-Bushing Type

3 Phase  22.9kV / 380-220V  Side-Bushing Type

Single phase(One Bushing)  22900V Grdy / 13200V-230V

Single phase(Two Bushing)  22900V-230V



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