It’s the industry’s highest seismic performance transformer,
functioning reliably even
during strong earthquakes.

Why Enertech?

Industry-leading seismic performance

By inventing structural design optimized for transformer structure and load, the company has secured industry-leading seismic performance that can withstand 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

Korea Government Excellent Product

It has been recognized for its technology, being selected as Innovative Product and Government Excellent Products by the Public Procurement Service, a first in the Korean industry.

Expected Effects


Industry-leading Seismic Performance By applying friction damper technology, it has the industry-leading level of seismic resistance of over 0.8g, and has improved seismic performance by 60% compared to existing transformers.

Evaluation itemsUnit750 kVA1,500 kVA3,000 kVACriteria
Seismic performanceg0.800.800.880.55 or more
Maximum displacementmm32.725.019.075 or below
Amplification coefficientapSatisfactionSatisfactionSatisfaction1.0 ≤ ap ≤ 2.5

※ Basis : Certified Test Report


Lowest Seismic Displacement Seismic displacement-controlled within 50mm by applying a support frame, it reduces seismic displacement in the
Y-direction by up to 90% compared to conventional transformers.

※ Basis : Certified Test Report


Cost Efficiency Excellence Economical with a 20% reduction in Life Cycle Cost (LCC) achieved through decreased manufacturing costs, installation time, and space compared to competitors' products.

※ Basis : LCC Report

SCI Journals
& Academic presentations

Academic presentations, publication of SCI papers, and technical seminars are in progress.

Academic presentations (6)2019 Spring Architectural Institute of Korea
2019 Spring Korean Concrete Institute
2021 Fall Earthquake Engineering Society of Korea
2022 Spring Korea institute for Structural Maintenance and Inspection
2022 Fall Korean Institute of Electrical Engineers (KIEE)
Korea Society of Seismic Isolation and Vibration Control
SCI journals (3)Dinh, N. H., Lee, S. J., Kim, J. Y., & Choi, K.-K. (2020). Study on seismic performance of a mold transformer through shaking table tests. Applied Sciences, 10(1), 361.
Dinh, N. H., Kim, J. Y., Lee, S. J., & Choi, K.-K. (2019). Seismic vulnerability assessment of hybrid mold transformer based on dynamic analyses. Applied Sciences, 9(15), 3180.
Lee, S. J., Park, W. I., Lee, J. E., Dinh, N. H., &Choi, K.-K. (2022, September). Hysteresis response of rotary friction dampers developed for seismic operational performance of non-structural components vulnerable to overturning. In Structures (Vol. 43, pp. 1447-1462). Elsevier.

Technical Certificates
& Patent Certificates

It has secured various technology certifications and patents in Korea, USA, and China

Korea Government Excellent Product

Korean Innovative Product

Excellent Performance Certification

Excellent invention priority purchase recommendation

Korea Patent

Korea Patent

USA Patent

China Patent

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