The Hybrid Transformer is an all-in-one solution combining transformer functionality,
harmonic attenuation, and unbalanced improvement.
It represents a pioneering
technology developed through collaborative research and development with five power
generation companies under KEPCO.

Why Hybrid?

Harmonic attenuation transformer

The “Transformer + harmonic attenuation + unbalanced improvement” function offers a three-in-one solution, reducing investment and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for separate harmonic filters.

Industry-first development and commercialization

Developed through collaborative research with 5 power generation companies under KEPCO,  our product is an industry-first and has been supplied to over 700 major institutions.

Expected Effects

Hybrid transformers reduce harmonic waves, power loss, and winding temperature,
reducing LCC(Life Cycle Cost) costs by 15~20% compared to conventional transformers.


Improved power quality Zig-zag Winding technology
reduces harmonics by 36 to 70%.

Existing TR76.84 76.71 76.71 76.8
Hybrid TR48.92 49.3049.5449.3

※ Basis : Certified Test Report (KERI)


Extension Of Facility Life Tie-plate structural design
reduces winding temperature by 8 to 13%.

※ Basis : Certified Test Report (KERI)


Energy Conservatoin Optimize Zig-Zag lead wire design to
reduce transformer loss by up to 7.6%.

THDExisting TechnologyHybrid TechnologyDecrease
No-load loss (W)1,7391,7320.4%
Load loss (W)5,0224,51710.1%
Stray-load loss (W)1,40389536.2%
Total Loss (W)6,7616,2497.6%

※ Basis : Certified Test Report (KERI)


Reduction in carbon emissions Reducing carbon emissions 2,243kg
per year due to reduced power loss

CategoryUnitHigh-efficiency TRHybrid TRDecrease
Transformer LosseskW6.86.20.5
Annual LosseskW59,22654,7414,485
CO2 outputkg29,61327,3712,243

※ CO2 production standards : Application of National Institute of Forest Science according to the calculated criteria (1kW = 0.5  CO2(kg))

Technical Certificates
and Patent Certificates

It has secured various technology certifications and patents in Korea, USA, and China

Certificate of Green Technology

Korea Government Excellent Product

New Excellent Technology (NET)


Certification Technology

Korea Patent

Korea Patent

USA Patent

China Patent

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