Increasing Frequency and Magnitude of Earthquakes


Seismic Design Essential Equipment


Seismic Design Standards Strengthening Trend

Increasing Frequency & Magnitude of Earthquakes

The surging frequency and escalating magnitude of global earthquakes present an ever-growing risk to infrastructure and public safety. Recent catastrophic events underscore the pressing demand for advanced safety measures against earthquakes.

Earthquake frequency and strong earthquake trend in Korea

Seismic Design Essential Equipment

In the event of a strong earthquake, non-structural damage to elements like ceilings, walls, electricity, machinery, and communication facilities can occur at more than triple the rate. Transformers play a vital role in power supply and are considered essential for building electrical installations that adhere to seismic design standards. Damage to these transformers can lead to critical secondary issues, including power outages and fires.

[The rate of non-structural damage during an earthquake]

Seismic Design Standards Strengthening Trend

The government is bolstering seismic design standards and safety policies in response to rising earthquake frequency.

Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Notice, (2022.10)
「Seismic Design Standards for Buildings (KDS 41 17 00)」 Revision

Existing buildings’ fire and seismic performance reinforcement policy focus implementation

Ministry of Public Administration and Security Notice (2021.04)
「Announcement of Basic Plan for Seismic Reinforcement of Public Facilities」

Achieved 70.2% seismic resistance rate of public facilities, targeting 81% by 2025

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